Medical Marijuana; People’s Health vs Government Laws

After reading the New York Times Op-Doc “The Fight Over Medical Marijuana”, I felt compelled to address this subject from my own observations and knowledge.

Life in prison, for growing a natural substance, which does not have side effects that would harm the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, etc., much as the “legal drugs”, that the Pharmaceuticals flood the market with, are known to do!

Politics, drug companies, chemical companies, Legislators with their bank accounts embellished by the enemy of all natural substances, do not belong in the life of the one seeking alternatives to better health and or relief from pain!

Cannabis has a long history going back into the ancient history of the world.  Cannabis is believed to be the oldest plant on the planet, if not, certainly close to being the oldest.  Some believe that it had its roots (excuse the pun) in the garden of Eden.

Wherever this miracle medical plant began, like many plants not compromised by drug companies, it has shown itself to be an amazing weed. Remember? For many years, “We” have looked at weeds as useless, worthy of being poisoned till they shrivel up and die.

Like the pesky dandelion weed which has amazing healing properties, “We” chose, through ignorance or self-serving agendas,  to look the other way.

Marijuana is no more dangerous then Booze and the abusive use of Cigarettes.  In fact it has not been found guilty of anything but giving the user a buzz, usually the sort of buzz that does not create anger like booze is known to do!

The users I’ve been around, going back many years, are mellow.  Now if the user is abusing legal drugs, pills, uppers, downers, or some other drug like Crack, heroine, etc., then the playing field can change.

But the culprit here is not the Cannabis plant!  “We” know that booze can be a trigger point of anger in some folks, yet it’s legal! We know booze can cause livers to fail.  Yet it’s legal.

Cigarettes are killers yet “We” sell and promote cigarettes all over the world.  Even to children.

In the United States, “We” have a constitution that was written on the lowly hemp plant.

It is a fact that the hemp plant can produce quickly and provide material to make paper, clothes, oils, and a multitude of other useful items.  No need to kill every tree on the planet!  Yet we are close to murdering every tree on the planet.  Upsetting their position in natures grand plan.

“We” know that the use of marijuana goes back in America’s history where our founding fathers were users.  Not abusers, users.  And they were able to create the greatest contract between a people and those who rule from high places.

“We” have also learned that the  safety of drug company drugs, are not so safe yet the drug companies flood the market with TV disclaimers that should make people squirm, and run for the hills.  This amazing plant, on the other-hand, can treat, even in some instances, been known to reverse certain illnesses, cancers, and add comfort to the user!

The Fight Over Medical Marijuana: An Op-Doc profiles “Chris Williams”, a medical marijuana grower in Montana who now faces life in prison.

Source: New York Times Opinion page;
‘The Fight Over Medical Marijuana’

It is criminal that the Federal Government takes such an obvious stand against the legalization of Cannabis. The FDA, if you’ve been doing your homework, is known to have a checkered past. There have been many wonderful discoveries that work against various illnesses which have proven to be prevalent, yet the FDA plays Russian roulette with the health and well-being of the nation they are sworn to protect from dangerous foods, drugs, etc.

  1. To name a few: Statins: Lipitor and Crestor
  2. Birth control pills: Yaz and Yasmin
  3. Why would you take an epilepsy seizure drug for pain? Lyrica, Topomax and Lamictal
  4. Humira, Prolia and TNF Blockers
  5. How unsafe is the anti-smoking drug Chantix?  Chantix! Are you aware that many folks even soldiers have committed suicide after taking this anti-smoking drug? Yet it’s “legal”!
  6. Ambien..Sleeping pills like Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata and Rozerem
  7.  Tamoxifen   Tamoxifen causes cancer, birth defects
  8.  Boniva. I used it’s cousin, Fosomex and I paid dues, lost bone..
  9. Prempro and Premarin

The legal drugs listed here are only the tip of the market of dangerous drugs.
They have proven to be anything but miracle drugs.

They serve only one purpose! To make the  manufacturer and the share holders filthy wealthy.

And you? Your the human guinea pig! Yet these are the very same people who control the
Federal government and the agencies, like the FDA, that are designed, not to protect the consumer
but the company store.

I have never been a smoker. Cigarettes always turned me off. Can’t stand the smell. The ugly yellow tars.
I’m a conservative drinker, mostly red wine, an occasional margarita.
I take no legal drugs of any sort.. I believe in natural substances that have served me well.
If I found myself in a situation where I had an ailment, like cancer, etc.. I would never use the chemicals that the FDA pushes on US!

I would use the oils of the cannabis plant which has proven to be amazing.

Lindsey: Cures Colon Cancer With Cannabis Oil in 48 days

Chris beats cancer

There are numerous story’s all over the Internet about the healing properties of Cannabis..

Canadian Rick Simpson beats cancer with hemp oil.
Simpson gives hemp oil free to those fighting cancer.


US Government’s medical marijuana patent
While it may be true, or not, that there is not definitive official scientific proof that cannabis cures all types of cancer. It’s obvious that the reason for this is that test studies have not been allowed to be done, or have they? Rick Simpson challenged doctors to prove him wrong. He’s been willing to prove his claims through proper peer reviewed studies, but such tests have not been allowed nor followed up on. The scientific studies and tests that have been done have all supported the possibility that cannabis can cure cancer by demonstrating significant anti cancer effect of various cannabinoids tested as isolated compounds. Those who are experiencing illnesses like cancer should demand cannabis oil be tested as the potential cancer cure it could be. I’m sure plenty of cancer patients would be willing to try this natural, non toxic substance rather than the chemical poisons and radiation currently offered as treatment. Why are we forbidden from using a natural medicine that has never caused a death in recorded history?

Did you know that America’s Government hold patents pertaining to Cannabis?

U.S. Patent # 6630507 “In 2003, the U.S. Government as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services filed for, and was awarded a patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.” All you need to know.

Patent number: 6630507
Filing date: Feb 2, 2001
Issue date: Oct 7, 2003
Application number: 09/674,028

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    Dec 27. 2012

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    Dec 27. 2012

    I Use Marijuana to Treat Bipolar Symptoms
    Marijuana Has Decreased The Need For Nearly All My Medication.

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    Dec 27. 2012

    Does anyone believe in Marijuana for stress / pain?
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  5. Barbara Williams

    Dec 27. 2012

    Did You Know
    ” Medical marijuana has never had a fatal side-effect.
    Medical marijuana is recognized as an effective pain relief agent.
    The National Institute of Health recognizes the therapeutic value of cannabis.
    The AMA calls for further study of marijuana and cannbinoids in the treatment of certain diseases.
    The Can Care Wellness Center medical cannabis card is recognized by dispensaries throughout California.”

  6. Barbara Williams

    Dec 27. 2012

    A GREAT-great granny reveals how she has lived to be 120 … by smoking CANNABIS every day.

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    The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal

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    Marijuana and Alzheimer’s – How Marijuana Outperforms Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease

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