Police Shooting Family Pets, Is This A Trend?

This has got to stop!  It’s becoming a sick trend that makes me wonder if it’s a deliberate action designed to kill family pets.  Who is going to control trigger happy cops who, for some time now, have been killing family pets all over the nation?

Not to diminish the fact that unarmed folks have fallen victim to trigger happy cops as well.

It is not subsiding either.  It’s growing and becoming more abusive then ever.. This family pet, Ziggy,  did nothing to deserve this treatment.. My god, its a small dog at that.. What sort of coward kills a tame critter?  What’s wrong with the police that they shoot first and ask no questions.

Then, in this latest incident, one of the officers had the audacity to add insult to injury by telling the owner who lost his best friend, Ziggy, “You can get another Dog”.

Damn insensitive remark!  Those of US who love critters don’t view our family critter friends as dispensable.  They are family!  And the police that shoot them are murderers.

Police Shoot, Kill Dog When Going To A Home By Mistake

“If we don’t hear a direct response from police departments, our only choice is to believe these incidents are not accidents, but a sad and tragic trend. And if police chiefs are not willing to do something about it, then citizens will work hard to influence their city councils and elected leaders to make changes for them.If we expect to live in a civil society, we must treat each other, and the animals around us, with respect. If we are willing to treat animals without respect, it’s a quick trip to treating each other the very same way.”

Source: CBS Local-Denver


Police vs. Animals: Are We Seeing a Trend?

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