What’s next on the elites menu? The air “We” breath? “Goldman Sachs: Water Is Still the Next Petroleum

Oh! I forgot!  The “Powers To Be” already screwed our fresh air up, our food source, much as they have the little fresh water “We” have left on the planet.  How could I forget?

Profiting from Your Thirst as Global Elite Rush to Control Water Worldwide

In 2008, Goldman Sachs called water “the petroleum for the next century” and those investors who know how to play the infrastructure boom will reap huge rewards, during its annual “Top Five Risks” conference. Water is a U.S.$425 billion industry, and a calamitous water shortage could be a more serious threat to humanity in the 21st century than food and energy shortages, according to Goldman Sachs’s conference panel.

Goldman Sachs has convened numerous conferences and also published lengthy, insightful analyses of water and other critical sectors (food, energy).  Goldman Sachs is positioning itself to gobble up water utilities, water engineering companies, and water resources worldwide.

Since 2006, Goldman Sachs has become one of the largest infrastructure investment fund managers and has amassed a $10 billion capital for infrastructure, including water.  In March 2012, Goldman Sachs was eyeing Veolia’s UK water utility business, estimated at £1.2 billion, and in July it successfully bought Veolia Water, which serves 3.5 million people in southeastern England.”

“Deutsche Bank is one of the major players in the water sector worldwide.  Its Deutsche Bank Advisors have identified water as a part of the climate investment strategies.

In its presentation, “Global Warming: Implications for Investors,” they have identified the four following major areas for water investment:§ Distribution and management:  (1) Supply and recycling, (2) water distribution and sewage, (3) water management and engineering. § Water purification: (1) Sewage purification, (2) disinfection, (3) desalination, (4) monitoring.

§ Water efficiency (demand):  (1) Home installation, (2) gray-water recycling, (3) water meters.  § Water and nutrition: (1) Irrigation, (2) bottled water.  In addition to water, the other two new resources identified were agribusiness (e.g., pesticides, genetically modified seeds, mineral fertilizers, agricultural machinery) and renewable energies (e.g., solar, wind, hydrothermal, biomass, hydroelectricity).

The Deutsche Bank has established an investment fund of up to €2 billion in European infrastructure assets using its Structured Capital Markets Group (SCM), part of the bank’s Global Markets division.  The bank already has several “highly attractive infrastructure assets,” including East Surrey Holdings, the owner of U.K.’s water utility Sutton & East Surrey Water (Deutsche Bank press release, September 22, 2006).”

Source: The Market Oracle


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