Judaism is a Religion. Zionism is a Bigoted form of Fascism

Judaism is a religion!  Zionism is a bigoted form of fascism, harboring a hidden political agenda while also hiding behind a twisted version of the Jewish religion/ideologies.  Of the some 17 millions Jews in the world at least 1 million and growing, understand this.

Israel should have recognized Palestine but chose to do the opposite.  In fact, the politics of the Zionist have systematically, over the years, attempted to convince the world, the least educated, that there never was a place called Palestine nor a people called Palestinians….

I wonder who King David was?  And as a youth did David not slay Goliath, a giant serving the Palestinian army?

What fool believes the world leaders would stand by after Israel agreed to a two-state solution with the Palestinians, only to ignore the invasion, murder and or imprisonment of children, entire families, theft of Palestinian lands which also includes their fertile farm lands?

Since world leader’s, America, England, France, Germany have at best, paid lip service to this extreme abuse of power, willfully executed by the politics of Zionism, one can only assume there is a very dark hidden agenda.  And this agenda has proven, by it’s willful disregard for the rule of law, it has no allegiance to any citizen of the world less they serve the “Politics of Zionism”

Dr David Kelly (WMD) Murdered with Norman Baker MP Part 1 (High).flv
Published on Feb 6, 2013

“Potentially one of the good politicians, Norman Baker MP writes a damning book exposing his strong belief that Dr David Kelly was murdered. The facts are obviously hidden from the public…in fact we all probably know that the Iraq wars were all illegal and immoral and many murders have been linked to the dark times we live in as the NWO try to usher in their new technocracy to dominate the planet…..

There is only one way to stop this heinous actions and that is to take responsibility and no longer turn a deaf ear, no longer put your head in the sand…silence is compliance….so if you do not want to live in a RFid monitored world of total tyranny , where kill lists are common place and state sterilization means that future generations will be genetically picked when couples are left with no option to use IVF to conceive the future generations….

we have to wake up and stand together. Better believe our world is run by psychopaths with and agenda to dominate the world to every little detail. Including murdering decent people !!

WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT CONSENT we do not have to either, research the verifiable facts and raise awareness until we get to 10%…then watch as the momentum becomes unstoppable until we get to critical mass and a wave of change will expose the elites and their minions and we dismantle their evil plans for ever…together we will put the unity back into our communities. PEACE 4 ALL

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Premise:- after careful consideration of the evidence, Britain’s Iraqi Weapons Inspector Dr David Kelly was murdered. That is according to published data in Norman Baker MP’s book The Strange Death Of David Kelly.
The Hutton inquiry was a joke a farce and travesty, yet they are surprised when people say so.

Secondly as we had some very nasty active interference on this interview, in part 2 we feature two further examples in the second section, illustrating that non visible “items” accompany us as we discuss sensitive matters.  However as this is off topic, we have part 1 on its own.

Greg Dyke the BBC Director General, was “shafted” by the BBC board and forced to resign, all over the faked or “Sexed Up” documents and the travesty and failure by the intelligence services,(or was there?) leading Britain to War in Iraq.

This is a highly controversial, and VERY dark CONTINUING chapter in Britain’s history.

Part 2 shows evidence from other interviews being “accessed”, and Part 3 shows the BBC 2 News-night programme of the night after Dyke quit the BBC.

This VHS tape mysteriously arrived in this edit suite AFTER the 1st showing of this edit on You Tube.

The subject matter is connected with the “accessing” as executed in Part 1, illustrated in Part 2.
Researchers need to see, as Norman Baker said, “The Elephant In the Room”.
There is a VERY VERY Large one, and this demonstrated itself in Part 1.”


Dr. David Kelly’s (Iraqi weapons inspector) Suspicious “Suicide”

The Zionist agenda, Dr. David Kelly and The propaganda of the BBC By David Halpin

The General’s Son by Miko Peled

Israeli zionist son of a zionist general who was there during the early years….

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  1. Barbara Williams

    Feb 19. 2013

    Bill Maher Real Time ‘The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government’


  2. Barbara Williams

    Feb 20. 2013

    Israeli soldiers publish disturbing photos of Palestinians on Internet


    The Arrogance and Insensitivity Unforgivable!

  3. Barbara Williams

    Mar 12. 2013

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