The Wormhole of the Millennium..The Internet!

The internet is like a wormhole.  Our Universe is said to be living with-in a wormhole.  So why is it difficult to believe that the internet is not a wormhole with-in another wormhole!  Solely controlled by powerful earthly forces within this wormhole “We” call The Internet!

It sucks you in and then the matter with-in won’t let go.  Those who really profit from the use and the vast rewards of the internet are the very same power brokers who bombard you and I with TV commercials.  Selling US this or that service, idea, or product till “We” feel like “We” are being sucked in though “We” are unable to release ourselves from this gravitational pull.

Those who control the internet want US to believe that “We” are participating in an open and free forum.. But are “We”?

Or are “We” giving these power brokers exactly what the want?  The imprisonment of our personal universe!

Like a Black Hole, wormholes, like the internet for example, have a gravitational pull, it sucks you in..  My point being.  Who really has the upper hand and actually benefits when it comes to that, which like a wormhole, controls our every movement, actions, ideas, our very lives.

Are “We” being sucked in by this sinister force which gave US the computer age, the Internet?  Are “We” like rats in a cage?  Being used, much like Guinea pigs are, in order for those, those who have control of the Wormhole “We” call the internet, to experiment with our personal universe?  Can “We” not fathom that within each of US lies a unique universe?  Uniquely ours!  And negative forces are after our universe.

If this idea sounds way out there so too are the wonders of the Universe which surround our wormhole, the one that our “Earth” it is said, lives with-in!  The wormhole “We” call the internet is being manipulated by forces beyond our control!  Is this force benevolent?  That’s for each and everyone of US, living within our unique universe, to ponder!  My experience says that it’s not.  It’s just another trap to serve the universe of those who care not for ours.. .

I’ve been into computers since the internet was far removed from what “We” experience today.  No expert mind you, but certainly I’ve been a user and responder to the Internet’s ever growing force.  And what I have found is, if your not careful, your universe will soon become a Black Hole.

My personal observations?  While the internet can offer some release and information for seekers of truth, or not,  it can also be a trap.  A trap of “Negative Energy” that few can escape.  Just look around you.  If your not cautious the internet can snare mind, body and soul.  It will steal your ideas!  Even your heart.

The computer age, even more so then Radio and or TV, has snared, engulfed the lives of millions of folks and has done this so completely, that  many live for that moment when turning on their computers and traversing the internet fixes their urge.  The new wormhole of the millennium.  The Internet!

Does Our Universe Live Inside a Wormhole?

Hollow Earth Wormhole To Mars

Negative Energy

{Pulses of negative energy are permitted by quantum theory but only under three conditions. First, the longer the pulse lasts, the weaker it must be (a, b). Second, a pulse of positive energy must follow. The magnitude of the positive pulse must exceed that of the initial negative one. Third, the longer the time interval between the two pulses, the larger the positive one must be – an effect known as quantum interest (c). photos at link}

Stephen Hawkings Universe

Black holes suck in objects but — according to Einstein’s general theory of relativity that time reversal is possible — objects that travel through black holes could theoretically be spewed out of other holes. Such holes are called white holes. The tunnels that connect black and white holes are known as wormholes.

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