Those who value “Freedom & Equitable Governance” identify with Hugo Chavez

Thomas Jefferson would have respected and thought kindly of the leadership of President Hugo Chavez.  Both men believed in the power of the people and their ability to govern themselves and, both men, though born many decades apart, had a bad taste in their political mouths when it came to the “Oligarchy” whose insatiable gr$$d knew/knows no bounds.

Many ugly, distorted, as well as positives comments, thoughts, ideas will come out about this man, Hugo Chavez, who was born to a poor Venezuelan family.

I also wonder how many will honestly touch on the heart of this man!  Against all odds, when it came to his nation’s sovereignty, Hugo excelled.  What began as 1000 co-ops, escalated to 100 thousand co-ops.  Hugo had, in 12 short years, turned the extreme poverty that was prevalent in Venezuela for longer then most can remember, in half.  He nationalized Venezuela’s Oil Industry.  What a concept!

How many Americans know anything about leaders like Chavez?  Leaders which “We”, with hidden agendas, ostracize or murder via coups or assassinations.  What do “We” know about the many coups this nation, America, has been involved in?  Coups performed after a duly elected leader passed the peoples of that countries smell test but, not to the liking of our oligarchical criminal design?

How many Americans know or even understand why Chavez, early in his career, while in the military, participated in a coup?  Venezuela’s then leader had used extreme measures to quell a protest led by the poor of Venezuela.  Chavez was ordered to murder his countrymen.  Chavez he refused.  He spent 2 years in prison.  If you want to stand in judgment learn the facts and stop being a party to the propaganda that is also corrupting US!.

America’s been led by that which Jefferson feared would happen.  Ruled, “Without Mercy”, by a deceitful Plutocratic Oligarchic mentality and it’s been going and growing for many decades now.

The ugly actions of our government is a direct reflection on US!  It is not enough to say I did not do this or that!  What is done in the name of a country by those who would “Dare” act unscrupulously becomes the problem of the citizens of that nation.

If “We” were asleep, complacent, insensitive to the bogus actions of those who have led this nation all these past decades, then, given the events unfolding here on American soil, demands that an excuse of ignorance can no longer apply!

“We”, our constitution, our Bill Of Rights, are now going through the dangerous times that Jefferson feared, should “We” let our guard down, would happen.  Nationalize the resources of a nation!  What a concept.  That is, unless your part of an oligarchical mentality.

If Hugo Chavez accomplished anything worthwhile in his short 12 years as the leader, the bright light, of Venezuela, Hugo proved that great courage, determination and love of his countrymen and women, was not only his goal, but well worth his effort.  The citizens of Venezuela are a stronger force today then ever before in their history and that is a huge part of Hugo’s legacy.

President Chavez gave Venezuelans back what had been viciously stolen from them by gr$$d merchants.  Hugo gave them back something money can’t buy; “Their Self Worth”.  President Hugo Chavez not only encouraged his people to rally/gather/protest, Hugo led his “People to Rumble”.

Those who value “Freedom & Equitable Governance ARE Hugo Chavez”

RIP Hugo Chavez! Your “Brave Heart” leadership will be remembered kindly by those who value “Justice For The Least Of These”  History will remember your gracious heart kindly.

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Dead: Hero Of The Poor And Middle Class In Words & Deeds

“What the article does not state is that Venezuela was sabotaged by the business class and it was for that reason that the economy suffered.  What the article does not state is that inasmuch as all the Venezuelan independent media completely caricatured the man with racial epithets, with continuous attacks on his presidency, and his policies of helping the poor, the people were always out in the streets to support him.

What the article fails to state is that every government has corruption.  One does not have to leave the shores of the United States to see the billions of American taxpayer dollars being robbed by private and public corruption.

Hugo Chavez attempted a coup to overthrow the previous president,  Carlos Andres Perez in 1992 because of the massacre he effected on his own people and massive government corruption.  It was unsuccessful and Chavez was jailed. Perez was subsequently impeached in 1993 for embezzlement.  Chavez was elected democratically in 1998 and have been subsequently re-elected till his death.

One cannot understand the real political dynamics in Latin America through the lens of American main stream media.  They are governed by entities that fear providing accurate coverage of successful democratic takeover of the any country’s government by the masses as it could be a local template.

Oliver Stone’s “South Of The Border” is a documentary that gives a superficial understanding on the Latin American plight.  It is sufficiently informative.  However, Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine” illustrates in much more detail the pain that was inflicted on these countries.

No one knows how Venezuela will transition.  Will they continue with a model that provides the poor access to the middle class and beyond or will they return to an oligarchical model?

Source: Egberto Willies


Rest In Peace President Hugo Chavez, You Are The Hero Of The Poor

One Response to “Those who value “Freedom & Equitable Governance” identify with Hugo Chavez”

  1. Barbara Williams

    Mar 06. 2013

    Only fools and those who serve gr$$dy agenda’s would “Dare” demonize Hugo Chavisimo.. Hugo learned a lesson long ago, “Do Unto others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You” I followed this man’s career for many years and Hugo was always warm and open to communicate. He not only cared for his poor but America’s poor as well.

    It’s no small wonder that after our government attempted to assassinate him and on numerous occasions, he became stand offish with our leaders. In the end, as Hugo fought a strange type of cancer, he believed, with good cause, that “We” finally pulled off an assassination.

    America’s shame is the gift that for decades now just keeps on giving. Time to figure out who “We” are America! Do “We” even know? What is it, as a nation, that “We” stand for?

    If “We” cannot come to terms with these “Questions” we are sure to collapse from within by the corruption coming at US from with-in..

    A nations people must identify with something concrete or that nation is doomed. I am more then aware that there are some good people here in the land of my birth. But there are still too many of US who stand divided.

    Blue states. Red States. Arguments about what our founders had in mind when they gave US the “Bill Of Rights” This is utter nonsense. These games are designed to divide!

    A nation divided cannot stand..Who are “We”.. What is it that “We” stand for?

    These “Questions” must be answered before “We” find ourselves fighting another civil war.. Now that would be a travesty! Because in the end, but for those who have and are the instigators dividing US, “We” the people would lose out!

    It’s long overdue that “We” come together as a nation and finally settle the contradictory arguments on what our founders had in mind when they gave US “The Bill Of Rights”

    It’s become painfully clear that America’s not so Supreme Court, of “Citizens United” fame, should not be allowed, when it comes to our founders contract with America, to continue being the arbitrators, constitutionalists when it comes to this vital issue..

    Even our founders pondered the thought whether they should have placed a 6 year limit on Supreme Court Justices.

    From where I’m perched, The Bill Of Rights are not multiple choice..

    When “Rumbles” World Pulse Radio is up and running “We” will open a chat on these Questions I posed above.. We’ll also talk about OUR Bill Of Rights..Entanglements in other parts of the world but more especially, the Middle East.

    It’s time to awaken the “Dream” within before it becomes a distance memory..<

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