Dying Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young Explains Decision to End His Life

If you listen carefully to Tomas’ comments you will hear both he and his wife Claudia say that the Veterans administration has let them down.  We hear these horror stories every time we send our own to fight a corporate war of gr$$d.  Nothings changed.  Although the Democrats, when they had those two years that they had the votes, say that this was the largest financial windfall ever voted on for the benefit of America’s soldiers, veterans, etc.

What a cruel joke!  Just ask most soldiers how they feel about those agency’s, medical facilities, etc.,  that are suppose to look after their vital medical needs.  If they are not plying a soldier with an experimental drug they are saying that the veteran who came to them in dire pain, is looking for a drug.

I cannot tell you how angry I am.  Having been through this maze of confusion and deceit with family members and several other veterans I’ve assisted, to say the least, is mind blowing!  America’s Shame!  If it were not for the non-paid volunteers and the growing veteran groups it would be, if that’s possible, far worse.

I’m reminded of a veteran who was injured on the job.  He called me in the wee hours of the morning in the early 90s saying he was at his wits end and was going to do something to those in the system of workman’s comp to show them what shit, to quote him, they were.  I was able to help this man get beyond his anger and leave the state that he was damaged in and go home to family that wanted to help him.

I’ve had several painful stories told to me by veterans.  One who survived a prisoner of war camp only to come home, become injured on the job, treated like food for the jackals and eventually die because of the deceit of the insurer/system which, at every turn, denied him what he desperately needed to become whole again.

listening to Tomas was a heart breaker!  To be reminded by Tomas, in a most profound way,  that “We” as a people failed to honor and up-hold our country’s principals, is a shameful, blatant reality.  “We” let this happen!  “We” continue to allow this travesty to go on.  “We” have comforted ourselves with a multitude of cowardice denials and or complicity.  “Not My Problem” or, those who “Dare” declare, while holding a straight face  say, “I Don’t believe that “We”re not doing right by America’s veterans”.  Or you have the macho person, military or civilian who “Dare” says, Man-up!  Then there’s the system’s willing fools who will bold face say;  “You’re a malingerer…

The Military brain-washes soldiers to be non complainers but, combatants.  Brain-washes them that it’s either them or the enemy.  That brain-washing is so insidious, can be so complete, that when a returning soldier comes home with dire needs they are hard pressed to ask for help.

It is also more then telling that this nation, nation of my birth, America, still allow those who do everything with-in their power to escape serving their country, people like Cheney, GWB, Wolfowitz, Pearl, are allowed to get away with sacrificing the “American Family Members” of others in order to fight wars of convenience. Wars which embellish the bank accounts of these cowards….  How sick is that?  AMERICA?  WHO ARE WE?  DO “WE” EVEN KNOW?  More IMPORTANTLY, “DO “WE” EVEN CARE?  () : )

Your country’s falling!  If you have an ounce of sensibility you will do something to change the course America’s on. Your countrymen and women are picking up the tab so that the “Masters of  Gr$$d” can have their way with “YOU” and the worlds innocence!

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Dying Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young Explains Decision to End His Life

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