Our Environment Solar Changes Humans

Sun’s Possible Effects on Humans

  Solar! The “Dawning” of a New Day – Solar (R)evolution “Does the sun have the power to transform humankind? In Solar Revolution,… more »

U.S. Pulse Great Spirit Prayer

The Native American Ten Commandments is a beautiful path to follow.

This video will touch many hearts, The Native American Ten Commandments is a beautiful path to follow. For {white] brothers and sisters, there… more »

Our Environment Climate Change Temperature Differences

For All Those Climate Change Deniers

So you believe the lies that “Climate Change” is not caused by human activities, well think again. This is what NASA scientists gave… more »

U.S. Pulse

Homeland Security, Native American Peoples, Fighting Terrorism Since 1492

Fighting “Terrorism” seems to be the fear-term most used by the United States Government to get and keep its citizens under control and… more »

Our Environment Climate Change Increases U.S. Wildfires

The U.S. Will Experience Increased Wildfires Due To Climate Change

In the past several decades Americans have watched as hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and wildfires ravage “Our” nation.  The cause is clear, the climate… more »

The Wars Gaza Children Are Not Collateral Damage!

Truce Broken, Israeli Strikes Kill “Moderate” Hamas Military Chief And Palestinian Civilians in Gaza

Who began this unrest that now permeates the Middle east? Threatens the entire world?The only thing that really matters is the fact that… more »

Our Environment Clean Water Act

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act, Really?

It was Forty years ago that our Congress, with bipartisan support, came together to pass the Clean Water Act after being pressured by… more »

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