Solar Changes Humans

Sun’s Possible Effects on Humans

  Solar! The “Dawning” of a New Day – Solar (R)evolution “Does the sun have the power to transform humankind? In Solar Revolution,… more »

Stop Whale Slaughter

The Day Of A Dieing Sperm Whale

Man’s inhumanity has grown over the years.  When it comes to some humans it seems cruelty, the quest to make money, motivates them… more »

Love and Respect comes in many packages

This relationship is precious and as you watch this video what is it you become aware of that some humans, especially many plutocrats,… more »

Climate Change Temperature Differences

For All Those Climate Change Deniers

So you believe the lies that “Climate Change” is not caused by human activities, well think again. This is what NASA scientists gave… more »

Earth Environment

The Wisdom of Balance; Is At EARTH’S Core

Gr$$d rules and grows stronger each and every day as the living breathing planet “We” call home suffers deep wounds right to her… more »

Tribute to the Wolf

A Beautiful Tribute to the Magnificence that is the Wolf

This is a beautiful tribute to the magnificence that is the wolf.. Thank you for sharing this loving piece Lynn Dirks. The old,… more »

Climate Change Increases U.S. Wildfires

The U.S. Will Experience Increased Wildfires Due To Climate Change

In the past several decades Americans have watched as hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and wildfires ravage “Our” nation.  The cause is clear, the climate… more »

Tar Sands Toxic Fish Tumor

Snow Contaminated By Tar Sands Oil, DAH!

This issue, and all issues that pertain to the polluting of our environment, must be addressed and fought till WE can clean this… more »

Clean Water Act

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act, Really?

It was Forty years ago that our Congress, with bipartisan support, came together to pass the Clean Water Act after being pressured by… more »

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