Crimes Against Humanity

Dying Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young Explains Decision to End His Life

If you listen carefully to Tomas’ comments you will hear both he and his wife Claudia say that the Veterans administration has let… more »

Veterans Exposed to Deadly Substance

Veterans Exposed to deadly substance, Halliburton always in the mix

Our veterans victims again! Exposed to deadly substance. Halliburton always in the mix. KBR: Tax payers should foot the bill for our negligence… more »

Israeli Weaponry

Foreign-sponsored militants in Syria?

Why am I not the least surprised by this revelation? Too say more, add to this revelation, would be redundant.  It’s clear who’s… more »

Federal Regulators Favor Nuclear Secrecy Over Safety

Oh! The Games Fools Play with American Lives!

“We” have been in close contact with a whistle blower, Don Brown, for several years now who was put through the ringer when… more »

Palestinian/Israeli Drama, A Never Ending Story?

This Palestinian/Israeli drama has become a never ending story because powerful people know how to play underhanded games, then turn the blame away… more »

Gaza Children Are Not Collateral Damage!

Truce Broken, Israeli Strikes Kill “Moderate” Hamas Military Chief And Palestinian Civilians in Gaza

Who began this unrest that now permeates the Middle east? Threatens the entire world?The only thing that really matters is the fact that… more »

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