We Don't Bend

Criticize Israel get tried for anti-Semitism and imprisoned

It has come to a period in society, especially American society, where compassion and humility gets called an ism of some kind but… more »

Hugo Chavisimo

Those who value “Freedom & Equitable Governance” identify with Hugo Chavez

Thomas Jefferson would have respected and thought kindly of the leadership of President Hugo Chavez.  Both men believed in the power of the… more »

Internet Wormhole

The Wormhole of the Millennium..The Internet!

The internet is like a wormhole.  Our Universe is said to be living with-in a wormhole.  So why is it difficult to believe… more »

The Chosen

Who Chose The Chosen People?

Who Chose The Chosen People? My what a entangled web “We” weave.. One of the best video presentations of any I have seen… more »

Heirs of Europe

Seven Cancer Drug Billionaires Unmasked as Roche Surges

“The dozen billionaires, who are drawn from the Engelhorn family of Germany and Switzerland’s Hoffmann-Oeri clan, have a combined fortune valued at more… more »

Iran Banksters

Who has it right, America or Iran?

No wonder certain countries, need I mention who, are eager to wage war with Iran.  Holding criminals who bankrupted millions of folks, not… more »

9/11 BBC Lawsuit

BBC’s Cover Up of 9/11 Evidence

Historic Court Case Against the BBC’s Cover Up of 9/11 Evidence Excerpt: ” The BBC is being challenged strongly for its refusal to… more »

Dr David Kelly

Judaism is a Religion. Zionism is a Bigoted form of Fascism

Judaism is a religion!  Zionism is a bigoted form of fascism, harboring a hidden political agenda while also hiding behind a twisted version… more »


What’s next on the elites menu? The air “We” breath? “Goldman Sachs: Water Is Still the Next Petroleum

Oh! I forgot!  The “Powers To Be” already screwed our fresh air up, our food source, much as they have the little fresh… more »

UN Israel Conflict

Transparency, Accountability for all nations, but Israel!

If Israel has nothing to hide why are they always balking at their “Abuse of Power” actions being held to account?  The leaders… more »

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