Founding Fathers

Banking Cartels! The Death Of A Dream?

Thomas Jefferson would have to say if he were with US today; I told you so! And he would not be pleased nor… more »

Acceptable Damage

Americans and Nato Bombing Babies

I Cried Watching This. Americans and Nato Bombing Babies , Every Human Must Watch. Spread It widely.    

Assembly of First Nations

Assembly of First Nations In Front Of Prime Minister’s Building

First Nations and an opportunity lost “The strongest image from Friday’s meeting between Stephen Harper and the Assembly of First Nations didn’t come… more »

Bill & Malinda Gates Vaccine

Melinda Gates – Elite among “US” pushing Drugs that Kill

Amazing, after taking out Gaddafi, with America’s help, Israel is showing it’s true colors. Gaddafi was not remotely racist.  In fact he was… more »

Vaccines of Death

The Genocide of the World’s Children

What is going on in the world today that children are being sacrificed and not just at an alarming rate but on all… more »

Russia Returns US Meats

When do “We” Americans say enough is enough and mean it?

For many years now “We” have been fed a bill of goods and the goods that “We” are eating are full of chemicals,… more »

Free Palestine

“We” Will Not Forget Palestine

  Illegal Siege: Why We Must Never Forget Palestine “In 2011, one year after nine people from the Gaza Flotilla were executed by… more »

Chuck Hagel vs Israeli Zionist Leaders

Hagel gets my vote hands down!

“We” need someone like Hagel who is not beholding to the Israeli lobby nor offended by the Israeli name calling should he “Dare”… more »

International Banking Greed

Swiss banking giants under investigation

Switzerland’s oldest bank closes after admitting it helped 100 Americans avoid paying $1.2billion in tax. Bank founded in 1741 to shut after paying… more »

Mission Jamaica

Mission Jamaica

Have you ever thought of yourself living in paradise?  You know!  Near the ocean where the air is sweet.  Night sky’s charm. Have… more »

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