The “Year” may be “New”, 2013, But the “Arrogance Continues”

As “We” come into the year 2013, it is clear that Netanyahu and his ilk have given the world no semblance of a… more »

Benjamin Netanyahu

Get a Grip America! “You” bit off more then “You” can chew!

Why is a nut case being allowed to take on the world? It’s as if this crazy man, Benjamin Netanyahu, lives on another… more »

Palestine Children Kidnapping

“Where’s The Outrage”

If there is a smidgeon of truth to this story, just a smidgeon!  “Where’s The Outrage”!  What madness is this that has struck… more »

Israel's War On Children

Israel’s War On Children

Those who know me understand my passion about the Middle East, more especially the plight of the Palestinians under the brutal rule of… more »

Anonymous Internet Access for Palestine

Internet access for Gaza #1 priority for Anonymous

All who seek peace are anonymous!  “We” don’t forget.  We cannot ignore brutality!  “We” cannot ignore the terrorism coming from those who would… more »

Israeli Soldier Kills 17_year_old Palestinian

Israeli Soldier Kills Palestinian Over Toy Gun?

Palestine’s young are constantly being targeted!  Even infants are considered fair game by those who have no qualms about murdering children.  Muhammad was… more »

Germany 1940 vs Israel 2009

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman Evil To The Core!

This man, Lieberman, is evil to his core!   He exudes arrogance!  Conceit!  He would “Dare” blackmail the Palestinians, while he and his crooked… more »

And “The Beat Goes On”, The beat goes on

Why is it that “We” Americans are not hearing about these stories (Who Bombed ex-Israeli Spy Ben-Menashe’s House?) here in America?  Can you… more »

Israel Zionist Government, Shame’s America!

I have been a fan of the writer Stephen Lendman for many years now.  Stephen is a dedicated to the truth Jew. Mr.… more »

America’s Folly!

Robert certainly has a way with words but oh, such words, words that describe completely the folly of US collusion in one of… more »

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