Israel “Nuclear Arsenal” being held to account!

This is an action that’s long overdue.  Israel makes demands on every nations nuclear capabilities but when it comes to their transparency, “Look… more »

UN vote recognizes state of Palestine; US objects

United Nations Recognizes Palestine AS “State”

This has been a long painful journey for the “Families” of Palestine.  Today the People of Palestine have something to cheer about!  I… more »

President Barack Obama Reflecting

Who is undermining the Rights, Privileges and precious freedoms of “US” citizens?

This is very heavy info and one can only pray that the answers are found with-in the pages of “Facts” and the enemy… more »

Julian Assange WikiLeaks Bradley Manning

Stratfor, US GOVERNMENT – The new world of disorder.

Crime against the citizens of the world. The crash of civilization as “We” have come to know it. I have followed Julian and… more »

Egyptian Unrest

Oh! “The Games People Play”

Maybe Hillary whispered something on her very recent visit to Egypt.  Made Morsi an offer, after she had a talk with Israel’s Netanyahu,… more »

Chris Hedges - Jews vs Zionists

The Politics of Zionist Israel Dishonors Non-Zionist Jews!

If those of you reading this want to know the truth about the politics of Zionist Israel then READ “The General’s Son”.  If… more »

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles

United Kingdom Paedophiles EXPOSED?

This issue is one that needs to blown up and outed for the degrading crime it is!  This abuse of children who were… more »

Palestinian/Israeli Drama, A Never Ending Story?

This Palestinian/Israeli drama has become a never ending story because powerful people know how to play underhanded games, then turn the blame away… more »

Gaza Children Are Not Collateral Damage!

Truce Broken, Israeli Strikes Kill “Moderate” Hamas Military Chief And Palestinian Civilians in Gaza

Who began this unrest that now permeates the Middle east? Threatens the entire world?The only thing that really matters is the fact that… more »

Aid ship Estelle

Gaza-bound aid ship Estelle attacked by Israeli forces

The Israeli government’s so far out of line in the way they treat this issue it is stinking up the world.  And America,… more »

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