So How's Your Health

Medical Marijuana; People’s Health vs Government Laws

After reading the New York Times Op-Doc “The Fight Over Medical Marijuana”, I felt compelled to address this subject from my own observations… more »

U.S. Pulse

Obama Has A Mandate! And What A Mandate It Is!

I have to admit when I heard that this election between Romney and Obama was close I scratched my head because given the… more »

U.S. Pulse

Who Are We America?

Who Are “We” America? Until “We” get all of the self-interest, gr$$d soaked advisers out of the White-house which, by the way, is… more »

Our Environment Clean Water Act

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act, Really?

It was Forty years ago that our Congress, with bipartisan support, came together to pass the Clean Water Act after being pressured by… more »

World Pulse Aid ship Estelle

Gaza-bound aid ship Estelle attacked by Israeli forces

The Israeli government’s so far out of line in the way they treat this issue it is stinking up the world.  And America,… more »

U.S. Pulse

First Audit Results In The Federal Reserve’s Nearly 100 Year History

What would “Jefferson” say about the Federal Reserve? First Audit Results In The Federal Reserve’s Nearly 100 Year History Were Posted Today, They… more »

U.S. Pulse 44th US President Barack Obama

Clearing Up Misconceptions Concerning President Barack Obama

It appears there is a lot of false information being spread all over the media and trough folks that dislike, for what ever… more »

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