U.S. Pulse Killed by Law Enforcement

SHOOT THE INNOCENT “SUSPECT” is Growing Police Trend

 Chicago Tribune Expose, Examples, Stats “There’s a police trend of “shoot the suspect” that has emerged.  I’ve been following the “police shoot and… more »

U.S. Pulse Men of God

Sexual Abuse, a Sick Trend in America

New York Jewish cleric gets 103 years for sexually abusing teenage patient An American ultra-Orthodox Jewish cleric and counselor in New York has… more »

Our Environment Stop Whale Slaughter

The Day Of A Dieing Sperm Whale

Man’s inhumanity has grown over the years.  When it comes to some humans it seems cruelty, the quest to make money, motivates them… more »

So How's Your Health Don't Vaccinate

Vaccinate? First Educate!

This is another controversial area.  To vaccinate or not!  Again, as in the blog about cancer, “We” need to be more of a… more »

So How's Your Health Cancer Cure Research

Mother Earth’s “UNSELFISH” Gift to US!

This is an issue that demands a wake up call.  During the course of this post I will share several true stories related… more »

So How's Your Health Donald Rumsfeld Aspartame

BEWARE! The Enemy From With-in – Chemical Sugars

Most people are unaware how long this chemical sugar has been around nor who gave US this poison. As we explore this poison… more »

So How's Your Health Mcdonald's_McRib

Is McDonald’s McRib Poison Fake Food?

The Unsavory Truth of the McRib and Other Fake Foods, and Why Russia Banned US-Raised Meat “The famous McDonald’s McRib also came under… more »

World Pulse Russia Returns US Meats

When do “We” Americans say enough is enough and mean it?

For many years now “We” have been fed a bill of goods and the goods that “We” are eating are full of chemicals,… more »

Our Environment

Love and Respect comes in many packages

This relationship is precious and as you watch this video what is it you become aware of that some humans, especially many plutocrats,… more »

U.S. Pulse Bush Crimes Against Humanity

Genocide; American Style!

This story may be old but the wounds have yet to heal.  To add insult to injury “We” were preparing to hit Iraq,… more »

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