World Pulse Free Palestine

“We” Will Not Forget Palestine

  Illegal Siege: Why We Must Never Forget Palestine “In 2011, one year after nine people from the Gaza Flotilla were executed by… more »

U.S. Pulse FEMA Internment Camps for US Citizens

Death of America, Is FEMA Coming For You

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the?  What can I say about this revelation?  America, what happened?  While “We”… more »

U.S. Pulse Police Kills Pet

Police Shooting Family Pets, Is This A Trend?

This has got to stop!  It’s becoming a sick trend that makes me wonder if it’s a deliberate action designed to kill family… more »

U.S. Pulse Rabbi Dovid Bendory

Rabbi Dovid Bendory – An Open Letter to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on 2nd Amendment

“Mr. Mayor, your citizen disarmament is an act of hypocrisy. Unlike nearly all the rest of us, everywhere you go you are surrounded… more »

U.S. Pulse Gun Control

Give Em Hell Harry! Way to go!

  Gun Advocates Celebrate ‘Secret’ Obamacare Provision Forbidding Exec Order To Regulate Guns And Ammo ” So, how did such a strange provision… more »

Our Environment Climate Change Temperature Differences

For All Those Climate Change Deniers

So you believe the lies that “Climate Change” is not caused by human activities, well think again. This is what NASA scientists gave… more »

So How's Your Health Nurse's Healthcare Nightmare

Forced to Take Flu Vaccine, Ends Up in Intensive Care Unit

My family has looked after a veteran who was lost by the system for 29 years.  When we met Gene he was living… more »

So How's Your Health Monsanto GMO Labeling

Boycott the Brands that Blocked Your Right to Know!

Boycott the Brands that Blocked Your Right to Know! • PepsiCo (Donated $2.5M): Naked Juice, Tostito’s, Tropicana, Tazo, Loóza, Izze, Sabra, Smartfood, Stacy’s,… more »

So How's Your Health

Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery

Your health is in your hands… “Gloria said the food on the ketogenic diet is in every grocery store and is pretty easy… more »

U.S. Pulse Drone Security

When Drones Can Kill Americans

Senator Asks CIA Nominee When Drones Can Kill Americans “How much evidence does the President need to determine that a particular American can… more »

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