U.S. Pulse U.S. Veteran Tomas Young

My Take On America’s War Whores

I can’t read this story about the brutal challenges of Iraqi vet Tomas Young without feeling useless in the many efforts I have… more »

World Pulse Hugo Chavisimo

Those who value “Freedom & Equitable Governance” identify with Hugo Chavez

Thomas Jefferson would have respected and thought kindly of the leadership of President Hugo Chavez.  Both men believed in the power of the… more »

World Pulse Heirs of Europe

Seven Cancer Drug Billionaires Unmasked as Roche Surges

“The dozen billionaires, who are drawn from the Engelhorn family of Germany and Switzerland’s Hoffmann-Oeri clan, have a combined fortune valued at more… more »

World Pulse Iran Banksters

Who has it right, America or Iran?

No wonder certain countries, need I mention who, are eager to wage war with Iran.  Holding criminals who bankrupted millions of folks, not… more »

U.S. Pulse Robert F Kennedy Protests Keystone XL Pipeline

Robert F Kennedy Jr Arrested Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline

Once again Robert F Kennedy is right out there in front fighting for a healthier, cleaner, evironment which “We” all should be supporting… more »

U.S. Pulse Airline Chemical Trails

Chemtrail Death Dumps

These death trails are covering the sky where “We” live and almost on a daily basis and, they are not clouds!  When the… more »

World Pulse 9/11 BBC Lawsuit

BBC’s Cover Up of 9/11 Evidence

Historic Court Case Against the BBC’s Cover Up of 9/11 Evidence Excerpt: ” The BBC is being challenged strongly for its refusal to… more »

U.S. Pulse Brzezinski World Order

The New World Order of Disorder

USA 2013 – “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but he… more »

So How's Your Health Scopolamine Steals Your Will

Scopolamine Steals Your Will

Scopolamine Steals Your Will.  When First “We” Practice to Deceive.. “(NaturalNews) The borrachero tree, which is marked by beautiful white and yellow blossoms… more »

U.S. Pulse Senator Bernie Sanders

Will Corporations Finally Pay Their Fair Share

Senator Introduces Bill To End Huge Corporate Tax Giveaway “Under this legislation, corporations would pay U.S. taxes on their offshore profits as they… more »

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